Other TRS-80 Manuals that have been scanned.

Radio Shack's CP/M Plus v3.0
26-2216 & 26-2217

  • TRS-80 Model 4 Reference Manual
  • Operating System
    • User's Guide
    • System Guide
    • Programmer's Guide
    • Programmer's Utilities Guide
  • Symbolic Instruction Debugger
    • Reference Manual
    • Command Summary
  • CBASIC Language Reference Manual
    (OCR version available for download)

SuperSCRIPSIT Reference Manual

Scripsit Dictionary Manual

SuperSCRIPSIT Dictionary Manual

SuperSCRIPSIT Figures Book

Tutorial audio cassettes in .MP3 format


FD1771-01 FDC Data Sheets

FD179X-02 FDC Data Sheets

RS-232-C Interface Manual

Disk System Owner's Manual

Operation and BASIC Manual

These files are in .PDF format. Due to their size these files are not available for download but will be available on CD-ROM.

All files on my site are included on the CD-ROM plus:

One copy of the CD-ROM is available to registered emulator users for $5 shipping & handling. If you haven't registered yet and want a copy of the current CD-ROM, send $15 ($10 for registration + $5 S&H) to:

David Keil
P.O. Box 143
Alma Center, WI 54611

Foreign orders please include $8 S&H (total $18). Payment must be in US funds. If payment is by check, the check must be in US funds, payable on a US bank.