TRS-80 Documentation Preservation Pages
Last updated on October 8, 2000

On these pages you'll find TRS-80 software and hardware documentation that I have scanned. Most of the manuals available for download were then OCRed and made into Word 97 documents. These documents were then converted into PDF form to save space and for easier viewing and printing. Some of the manuals are just PDFs of the scanned images.

The manuals on these pages is organized by category. Here is an index of what documentation is currently available for download.

TRS-80 Software Manuals
Super Utility Plus 3.x Super Utility 4/4P Microsoft's BASIC Compiler Editor/Assembler
CBASIC Pascal Eliza Cassette Scope
CopyCat v3.0 HyperZap 3.2 Allwrite! Word Processor  


TRS-80 Game Software Manuals
13 Ghosts Bedlam Flying Saucers Gammon Gambler
Haunted House Invasion Force Raaka-Tu Space Warp
SC78503 Starfighter Starquest Spook House &
Toxic Dumpsite
Hint Sheets for Scott Adams Adventures


TRS-80 Operation Manuals
Level II BASIC Reference Manual Orchestra-90 Hard Disk Supplement TRSDOS & DISK BASIC
Model III Disk System Manual Model III/4 Operation & BASIC Manual CCR-81 Manual DOS Plus User's Manual
NEWDOS/80 Manual NEWDOS Plus Manual Montezuma Micro CP/M User's Manual for
Level 1 BASIC


TRS-80 Books & Technical Manuals
Model 1 Technical Reference Handbook Model 4 Technical Reference Model 1 Double Density Adapter Microsoft BASIC Decoded
BASIC Faster and Better LEVEL II ROM Reference MOD III ROM Decoded WD 1771 Data Sheets
WD 179x Data Sheets