Radio Shack's
Microcomputer Newsletter

These pages are dedicated to the Radio Shack Microcomputer Newsletter. This newsletter was the only publication available to early TRS-80 users. The publication contained announcements of Radio Shack computer products, software bug fixes and hardware & software technical information. The newsletter was rare in the early TRS-80 days and I'm sure many TRS-80 users were like me and looked forward to each issue.

I plan to scan & post the issues I have starting with the January 1978 issue. I hope to post a new issue every few weeks. You will be able to view them on-line or download the .PDF file. Below is a table of the issues I have. I don't know how many issues were published in 1978 & 1979 so if you have any issues that I don't have listed between 1978 and 1981 please let me know.

Newsletter Index

January, 1978 May, 1979 June 1979 July 1979
August/September 1979 October 1979 November 1979 December 1979
January/Feburary 1980 March/April 1980 May 1980 June 1980
August 1980 September 1980 March 1981 July 1981

The on-line .GIF images are 8.5x11 at 96dpi. The .PDF files are 8.5x11 at 150dpi.