Daves Old Computers - ALTAIR 8800 - S100 Cards

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Two original Mits 8080 CPU cards.

Two NorthStar MDS-A disk controllers.

CDC 64K Dynamic RAM.

Cromemco 8K ByteSaver - EPROM card.

Top: MITS-88-SIO serial card.
Bottom: My homebuilt serial card.

Top: D.C. Hayes 80-103A Modem.
Bottom: Compu/Time CT-102 Real Time Clock.

Top: 64k Static RAM.
Bottom: 32k Static RAM.

Two S-100 extender cards.

Four homebuilts:
Top left: S-100 termination card
Top right: Parallel I/O Card

Bottom left: 9-Track tape drive interface
Bottom right: unfinished.

Prototype card in system using extender board.

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