Sparc5 bits wanted

Witchy witchy at
Fri Apr 1 14:52:20 CST 2005

> Nextstep 3.3 will run nicely on all SS5's except the 170mhz version  It
> barfs on the Fujitsu chip in the 170.

Really? I thought it was only NeXT and Intel support! Mind, I've got a
NeXT Slab to run NS3.3 on (coming next week I hope!) so I need to stick to
solaris for this I think.

> The SS5 uses a JDEC 5v SIMM similar to Tsunami based Mac's.  I seem to
> recall that 5v FPM Mac SIMMs will work in a SS5

That's not a G3 then? I've got one full of memory I can, er, 'borrow' :)

> I'm in the US but I bought a whole box of 50 brackets for $20.  I could
> send you one.

If I don't decide to just get a complete machine off ebay I'll take you up
on that!

> If it's a 170mhz version it's likely to be in an Aurora2 chassis that
> uses a standard form factor SCSI CD-ROM.  Still with the 512 byte
> requirement

Nope, definitely a skinny one.


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