Freecycle: another route to free computer junk

chris cb at
Fri Apr 1 15:29:28 CST 2005

>If anything, I think Freecycle suffers from a lack of centralized 
>interface.  Not everyone is smart enough to sign up for a mailing list, 
>and a web interface would be easier to search.  (Oops, didn't mean to 
>start that "list vs. web" thread again.  I give up.  You're right,
>yes, absolutely, eBay should be a mailing list and not a web site.)  
>I might want to subscribe to my county's list, but I'd also drive three 
>hours for the right giveaway.  It also made me think there could be
>opportunity in aggregating and searching these giveaway mailing lists.

My wife monitors the list for my county... and I get the feeling that a 
centralized list would work against the point of Freecycle.

I have the strong impression that anyone sucking up the goods to resell 
or otherwise do anything other than fill personal use (and this would 
border on collectors hording items as well), is not what the freecycle 
movement is all about.

So a cental list, that a reseller could monitor and have the resources to 
snatch everything of value quickly, would be seriously frowned upon. By 
keeping the lists smaller and more local, it helps bolster the general 
idea of being a good neighbor.

That said, I do watch for computers of interest myself (I haven't snagged 
any yet however). But I also give back, just Tuesday I gave away an 
unneeded queen size box spring via Freecycle. And last night I replied to 
someone looking for a free PC monitor (but haven't heard back, so I 
gather they got a better offer then the 14" I have available).


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