HP9133 user guide...?

Vassilis Prevelakis vp at cs.drexel.edu
Sat Apr 2 13:16:02 CST 2005

I have a 9133H connected to my IPC.  I have the 9133H manual and the
only reason that I have not bothered to scan it is because it contains
no useful info AT ALL!  It was written by brain dead people (whenever a
manual starts with "Don't let the terminology scare you", you know that
the manual is not worth the paper its printed on). Anyway it says zip
about the configuration switch other than "it changes disc formatting".

There are many different models in the 9133 family and they are VERY
different between each other. Early ones are amigo, while later ones
are CS-80.

Anyway the setting that works for me is Configuration switch in
position 1, address in position 0.

With these settings, I get:

/dev/A          built-in floppy
/dev/D000       9133H hard drive
/dev/D001       9133H floppy

Connect the external HP-IB hard drive and look in /dev to see the
name(s) assigned to the hard drive. Then use the format_disc utility
(int he Utilities diskette) to format it.

A lot of software for the IPC is available at:

There is also an ongoing discussion at

Best Regards


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