TU56/TC11 restoration - VARIAC question

Steven Canning cannings at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 2 19:00:23 CST 2005

Sorry, another case of the elusive disappearing link. C and H can be had at:

www.candhsales.com  or 1-800-325-9465.

I'll blame it on a prostate condition....

Regards, Steven C.

> I've found C and H surplus here in California to be an excellent source
> all kinds of semi-exotic parts ( like capacitors ) for old Tek and HP test
> equipment, old computers, Tesla Coils and Ham Radio gear. Their link is
> below and they have a great catalog they'll send you for free. If you call
> them they will do there best to help you and not just try to get you off
> phone. They are located in Pasadena and will ship to just about anywhere (
> except the International Space Station ).
> Best regards, and good luck, Steven C.

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