Hitachi CDR-1503S info

Ian K classiccmp at
Sun Apr 3 08:30:49 CDT 2005

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   Fred Cisin <cisin at> wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Apr 2005, Ian K wrote:
> > Hello All
> > I'm looking for information on the Hitachi CDR-1503S CDR drive. What it
> > can be used for
> reading CD-ROMs.   1X
> a decent DOS CD-ROM drive.  I've heard of people getting it working with
> Windoze 95, but not worth the effort - get a SCSI or IDE drive, instead.
> Even in the Linux community, I doubt that anybody has been crazy enough to
> create alternate drivers.

> > and the interface it uses.
> Hitachi.  IIRC, "CDIF14"


I thought it might be something odd.

Not a lot of good to me then. If anyone has any use for this please get in

Ian K

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