HP9133 user guide...?

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Sun Apr 3 17:53:55 CDT 2005

At 06:32 PM 4/3/05 +0100, you wrote:
>> >I beleive there are at least 2 main versions -- the older one in the 
>> >all-metal case (which, IIRC had separate floppy and hard disk controller 
>> >boards, linked ot the same HPIB connector) and the later one in the 
>> >'shoebox' with the plastic front/top cover.
>>   There are at least two versions. One is the white square box about 13"
>I'll raise that to 3 versions at least :-)

   I rather suspected there were at lest three versions :-)

>I have found a manaul called "HP's 3 1/2-Inch Flexible Disc Drive Service 
>Documentation". It's pretty content-free, the main useful part is the 
>appendix giving the Amigo command set, at least for floppies.

   I also have that manual. I sent it to (someone) a couple of years ago to
be scanned/copied and they disseminated a lot of copies. Your copy may well
have come from me originally.  FWIW it's part of a larger manual. Each
section (such as this one) was ordered and installed in the manual

>Anyway, this manual has a section on the drive itself (the single-head 
>Sony full-height one), no schematics and sections on the 9121, 9133A/B, 
>9133V/XV units. 

   I have a section on the HP 9133A. That's one of the old style boxs.

   I also have a section on the 9123. The 9123 operates the same as a 9122
but gets it's power from the HP 150-II. It may be the same as drive and
logic board as a 9122 but I don't know. However I have a couple of 9122s
and 9123s and I could open them up and compare them if necessary.

   I also have a section on the 9114 but I think you have that as well.

    I also have a separate manual, 'HP-82901 M/S & HP-82902 M/S Flexible
Disk Drive Service Manual", that covers the old style 5 1/4" floppy drives.

The latter have partial PSU scheamtics, you're refered to 
>the Winchester Disc Service Manual for the rest of the PSU (which, alas, 
>I don't have :-(). 

    Yeap, Same here.  I found this one at a local HP dealer and talked them
into letting me make a copy. I'm sure other dealers have some of this
laying around. I wish some of the other collectors would go beat the bushes
in their area and see what they could find.

    BTW I just found a note that I missed earlier. It says that the 9133D
uses the ST-225. I think the 9133H uses a ST-4(something) drive.


>The 9133A is the all-metal case with rounded ends. It contains 2 
>separate controllers (floppy and winchester), linked to a common HPIB 
>connector. Seprate address switches for the 2 controllers
>The 9133V is in the plastic-topped case. Again separate controllers. The 
>floppy controller is 2 stacked boards (to get it in the case!). The HPIB 
>connector is on the winchester controller board, but there's an internal 
>HPIB link to the floppy controller. Again separate address switches.
>Then there's the 9133H that I have. It's got one controller board with 
>one HPIB interface and one 98B09 processor. It controls both the floppy 
>and the winchester. One address swithc of course.
>Intrerstingly, the manaul I have gives component lists for the floppy 
>controller boards. All 3 (9121, 9133A, 9133X) seem to be very similar and 
>use the same firmware ROM. 

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