Massively Off-topic Re: possible dec equipment

Ben Franchuk bfranchuk at
Sun Apr 3 19:27:53 CDT 2005

Jay West wrote:
> Tony wrote...
>> Massively off-topic, but I once worked with a technician called 'Richard
>> Head'. Of course he objected to the obvious shortening of his name...
> No kidding... one of my frat brothers was named Richard Kuntz.
> On a wildly different off-topic note... This was the first day of really 
> nice weather this season, so I skipped out to the local airport (I 
> haven't flown in 10 years). Some guy there had just bought a marine 
> skyraider the day before and was trying it out on the ramp. Most 
> impressive to see the hydraulic wings unfolding. So of course I got bit 
> by the flying bug again, I'll have to look up an instructor and get 
> recertified. But to tie it in to on-topic (it's a reach), I came home 
> and started pondering with the wife exactly what plane I could get that 
> is economical to fly but has a payload weight of about 750 pounds with a 
> 6 foot by 21 inch cargo spot....... ;)

Nausicaa's Jet-powered glider from the SI-Fi movie
"Nausicaa - of the valley of the wind" seems to fit the bill.
A present-day reconstruction has a payload of only 120 lbs
as seen here:
I am sure with all the MASSIVE amounts of computing power
you can improve the payload limit or come up with a mass reduction
program for yourself or even duplicate the far future materials used.

> Jay West
PS. I lot of anime has intersesting flying devices... too bad
safety regs and red tape limits what you can do for a HOME-BREW aircraft
since they have some nice designs.

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