Corrosion pains

Joe R. rigdonj at
Mon Apr 4 10:58:32 CDT 2005

  If I was going to keep anything in an outside building I would first seal
it in a plastic trash bag to keep the varmits and bugs out of it. I would
probably help if you could put some kind of dissicant pack in the bag as
well. Then box it in a sturdy box to protect it and the bag and it should
keep fine. I have a friend that has books this way and stored them in an
outside shed and they've kept fine for over ten years. Considering the
heat, bugs and humidity here in Florida that's little short of a miracle!


At 11:57 AM 4/4/05 +0930, you wrote:
>Appreciate a little bit of advice from the list please.
>I started getting my shed full of gear in order on the weekend.
>Following a renno of the kitchen the plan is to rebuild the kitchen
>cupboards in the shed to provide additional storage.
>I noted when moving stuff around on the weekend that some corrosion has
>set into DB plugs and PS2 connectors etc. Fortunately its on a couple of
>AT machines of which I have about a zillion so its not a big drama but
>I'm more concerned about the longer term effects on my more precious
>Storing stuff in the house would be great but that also equates to
>divorce :-)
>How do people store their computer stuff medium to long term.
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