Have You Protected Your Collection? Now Lilith...

Jos Dreesen jos.mar at bluewin.ch
Mon Apr 4 11:36:17 CDT 2005

Am maandag, 04.04.05, um 08:10 Uhr (Europe/Zurich) schrieb Eric Smith:

> Billy wrote:
>> The saddest of all is that those items that are not easy to research,
>> that don't have a lot info on the Internet or books.  So their true
>> rarety and value is not appreciated.  As an example, the recent April
>> fool joke, what is the value of a G-15?  How would a person know?
> Even some more recent stuff is basically unobtanium.  I've been trying
> to get an ETHZ Lilith, but the only person I've found who has one 
> thinks
> it's wirth its weight in gold.

I got my Lilith for just 100 CHF, not all that long ago....Mind you, 
the thing still has disk problems.
The original OS designer claims that the drive were temperamentfull 
right from the beginning.
But at least I have a fully working set of boards and  the keyboard is 
fully OK now. (Thanks Sellam !)

I know of at least 4 Lilith's in private hands. Plenty more that G-15 


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