VAX COBOL media, and RRD40 difficulties

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Mon Apr 4 11:16:36 CDT 2005

IIRC, 5.7 is the latest version, though I don't
believe it has been updated in a long time.
The biggest reason for wanting 5.7 is because it
supports full-screen I/O (i.e. ACCEPT and DISPLAY
have features to support printing to or taking input
from a specified point on the screen). I do believe
5.7 came out after 1997, but not sure when. 

I had bought a TK50 of 5.1 off eBay, but FedEx
delivered it with no signature, and I can't find the
package anywhere on the grounds of my small 8-unit
apartment complex. 

On a side note, I have an RRD40 with RRD50 controller
for the uVAX II the COBOL is intended to be used on,
but I received it with no caddies. Sure wish DEC had
used the same caddies that everyone else in the industry
used, and not some proprietary junk. Anyone have leads
on caddies? If so, please reply off-list. 

Also, when I installed the RRD50, the system passes
boot-up diagnostics, but VMS now crashes on bootup. Any

Thanks much,

Adrian Graham writes: 

>> Any version is good, but 5.1 would be great and 5.7 would be awesome.
> K, do you have an approximate date for 5.7? I can cover much of the 90s
> CDDS.... 
> cheers 
> a 

John P. Willis
Coherent Logic Development 

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