HP ThinkJet 2225P

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Apr 4 16:55:11 CDT 2005

> I was wondering if anyone ever came up with the Pinout for this printer =
> and if so if they could send it to me. Thanks

Unfortuantely my official Thinkjet service manual only covers the -A, -B, 
-C and -D versions. But I did figure out the pinout of the -P and made a 
cable to link it to a PC parallel port. I'll stick details of that cable 
at the end of this message. 

Incidentally, the battery pack can be rebuilt. You can unclip the top of 
the hosuing (the cells are stuck to both parts of the case with 
double-sided foam tape, so it's a bit of work to get it to separate 
without damage -- removeing the latck helps). Inside is a little charger 
PCB and 6 sub-C NiCds. There's a fuse between 2 of the rows of cells that 
you should desolder from the old sells and solder in the same place on 
the new ones. Apart from that there's no difficulty.


PC printer port -> HP portable thinkjet cable

PC               TJ
1 ---- Stb-----> 1
2 -----D0------> 2
3 -----D1------> 3
4 -----D2------> 4
5 -----D3------> 5
6 -----D4------> 6
7 -----D5------> 7 
8 -----D6------> 8
9 -----D7------> 9
10 <---Ack------ 10
11 <---Busy----- 11
12 <--PE--+
24 -------+
13 <---Sel------ 12
15 <---Err------ 13
16 ----Init----> 14
19 ----Gnd ----- 15

Pins 12 and 13 may be swapped - I can't get either of them to change 
state to check.

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