OT: Removing Electrolytic cap residue

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Tue Apr 5 07:59:18 CDT 2005

   I would try Lime-Away. I haven't tried it for caps but it works good on
cleaning up the residue from NiCad batteries and I think the cap residue is
a similar material.


At 06:01 AM 4/5/05 +0100, you wrote:
>A friend of mine has a problem with Electrolytic caps on his motherboard 
>having gone "pop" & deposited their contents on some contacts...
>Although this is a PeeCee (spit) that's affected, I thought I'd ask the 
>assembled knowledgeable types here, as it's also a problem which COULD 
>affect our Olde Worlde computers quite easily...
>"Does anyone know how best to remove dried capacitor electrolyte from a 
>surface? I have tried a number of solvents, including Ultrsolve and Super 
>Servisol, but the stuff seems is set hard.
>A couple of capacitors leaked on a motherboard and have dripped into one of 
>the PCI slots. They are insulating some of the pins, so the slot cannot be 
>used, but I need the slot. The capacitors were easily replaced (just 
>pennies and half an hour in front of the TV) but I'm really not sure how to 
>clean those PCI slot contacts.
>The electrolyte dries to a brown varnish-like film. There seem to be a 
>bunch of these exploded capacitors coming in from PCs manufactured around 
>2002 (I reckon the worldwide supply of dodgy caps from the 1999/2000 
>production were put in storage for a few years, then bought up by Packard 
>Bell and friends)."
>Thanks in advance, all.

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