Server space, SGI O2 drive sled, DEC 3000-300x (Pelican+)

Doc Shipley doc at
Tue Apr 5 20:54:53 CDT 2005

Gary Sparkes wrote:

> First off, if anyone ever needs some server space to just dump stuff, I've
> got about a gig of space I can dish out for files and stuff, and ~15 gigs of
> b/w a month for usage, over charges are negligable anyway, so feel happy to
> have fun with whatever you upload (email me for info)
> Also, I've got an O2 with all sorts of goodies (loaded with ram, analog a/v
> board, etc) but no drive sled! I check ebay often but (unless I'm doing
> something stupid) I don't see any. generally has them.  The sleds I've seen on ePay 
generally have disks on them and go for stupid money.  Reputable will 
probably end up being cheaper.


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