And $500 gets you...

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Wed Apr 6 12:45:22 CDT 2005

I maintain that Ebay does reflect the state of the market subject to a
couple of limitations.

1) Ebay is a *retail* venue although bargains can be had.
2) Looking at *only* the final bid price to determine value is stupid!
   My general rule of thumb is to go back to the third highest bidder as
   that eliminates the "game players" who bid with the "Oh yea, take

For myself, unless something is offered at substantially less that what
think it is worth, I don't bid. Not regularly checking ebay now helps
this approach :).

> A while ago I was discussing EBay-like prices with people (for old
> computer stuff). Their argument was that EBay prices reflect the true
> state of the market and the true worth of classic computer items.
> I can see their side of it I suppose; I was just amazed that - coming
> from a buying point of view - they just didn't believe that a world
> existed outside of EBay. Which is fine by me if they want to keep on
> paying EBay prices for things (whether they believe they're being ripped
> off or not) - I'll just carry on using my brain and getting hold of
> things via other routes.

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