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Wed Apr 6 13:45:36 CDT 2005

> On the Canon CX Engine, wasn't there a button on the side panel that
> would print a set of parallel lines independent of the controller?

I have a LaserJet IIISi that I once had occasion to take apart because
some of the magic smoke got let out.  It turned out to be a blown cap.
Mirabilu dictu, once I repalced the cap, the thing worked despite the
damage to the pc board (it had rather eaten away some of the pc board).

The relevance at the moment is that this was on one of the boards
relatively far from the print engine in terms of data flow.  Exchanging
mail with someone about it, my correspondent said that a certain switch
on another board was just what you describe - but I never got it to
work at all.  (And it was on a completely different board; I cannot
justify this failure as due to damage from the blown cap.)

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