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Wed Apr 6 16:16:45 CDT 2005

Jules Richardson wrote:
> So, much of what ends up on EBay are things that the
> resourceful amongst us can find anyway - the really
> rare/useful stuff tends to have a habit of looking after
> itself and ending up in good hands. 

I do see the occasional interesting item crop up. There
were some "internal" Atari 400/800 design docs (specs,
schematics etc) on there a little while ago. They looked
real and I've not seen their like before (although I'm
not interested enough in such things to have a clue
as to their provenance ... I would be interested enough 
to pick them up for nowt if someone hasn't already scanned
them though :-)).

So some stuff does crop up.

The (often but not always) high(ish) prices do not cause
me a problem though. I doubt that local scrapyards have
noticed in general (the car ones I've visited lately
certainly have not ...), I've not found ridiculous
prices at car boot sales, and fellow collectors generally
trade or sell for shipping (or give away).

So the only effect of high prices that I can envision is
a) more stuff comes out of the closet and appears in
   the bright lights of ebay
b) if someone has paid £50 for some books, there is a
   chance that they'll keep them in decent condition or
   at least remember that there is a chance of getting
   some of their money back when they tire of the item.

As for rare/good stuff looking after itself, I've heard
of too much good stuff heading for the tip before now
just because noone thought it was of any use. I know of
three accumulations of UK electronics mags from the 1970s
(and maybe a bit before) heading for the tip without 
being mentioned to me. I still don't think not knowing me
at the time is a reasonable excuse :-) No great loss and
I'm not going to scour ebay looking for such gems, but it
would have been nice to read through them.

Reminds me that car-boot season starts again soon. Must
see if I can pick up some of those R at RE Spectrums or
such like !!



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