PC Floppy Cable, was Re: MFM/RLL data recovery

Marvin Johnston marvin at rain.org
Wed Apr 6 23:05:14 CDT 2005

Are you sure that Drive A on a PC won't work on a straight cable?
Something in the back of my mind says that I used to change the drive
select jumper *AND* make sure a terminator was installed for the floppy
to work fine on a straight cable as Drive A. I do know that not having a
terminator installed (on the last drive of the string) can make for some
really strange and intermittent behavior on both HDs and Floppy Drives.

> On the hard drive cable the twist merely changed the drive select signals, 
> on the floppy drive cable both the drive select and motor on gets twisted. 
> The floppy drive cable must be twisted to have drive A work properly the 
> hard drive can work with or without a twist.
> Randy
> www.s100-manuals.com

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