Addmaster Paper Tape Reader #601-1

woodelf bfranchuk at
Thu Apr 7 00:23:20 CDT 2005

Michael Holley wrote:

> There is a lot of 5 Addmaster paper tape readers (new in box) for sale 
> on eBay. No bids yet, ends April 9th.
> Item number: 7505437498
> I would buy one but I don't need five of them. These look like the 
> ones Data I/O uses to use for the PROM programmers.
> Michael Holley
For me I would love a READER and a PUNCH with XON-XOFF punch/reader relay.
 ( High speed would be nice ).  Note for now I plan to use my PC as 
terminal until I get
a IDE interface and working software for my homebrew*. Had I a high 
speed punch/reader
then I would consider building a PDP-8 clone.
Ben alias woodelf.

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