Apple LaserWriters and HP LaserJets

Al Hartman alhartman at
Thu Apr 7 07:50:23 CDT 2005

I remember becoming LaserJet certified in 1989, and
after taking the class, 2 other students and I had to
break down a LaserJet I and put it back together.

The instructor said not to worry, this one was broken
and if we just got it back together with all the parts
in the right place it would be ok...

I was working with one of the Help Desk Girls (non
tech), and the guy who managed the parts room (also
non-tech). They did all the work as I directed them.

We broke it down, put it back together and just for
kicks and giggles, started it up...

Wouldn't you know it worked perfectly...

Needless to say, the three of us were LaserJet
authorized a few minutes later...

I remember a set of articles in Computer Shopper from
a guy (whose name I can't remember) that had a whole
website (and in those days, having your own website
was no small trick..) about modding LaserJet and
LaserJet 500's to take an Apple LaserWriter logic
board to convert it into a Laserwriter.

I wanted to do one of those SO bad.

I ended up with a LaserMaster Printer that was a
LaserJet IIP engine with an external controller that
went in a PC and did all the PostScript processing in
your PC.

They called it a 'WinPrinter'.

Before that, I used my Atari ST with the MagicSac Mac
Emulator (not Mac Plus, Mac 128/512k) using MacOS 6, a
program called EpStart (to be able to use an Epson
Printer in place of an Imagewriter), and my still
working today IBM PC Graphics Printer (an MX-80, IBM
branded) to print.

My first ever printer was an old Okidata Microline-80,
7 pin DotMatrix that used typewriter ribbons and roll
feed paper on my TRS-80 Model I.

Those were the days...


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