New book

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Apr 7 19:45:09 CDT 2005

> > For 'history', I've got 'Automatic Digital Computers' by M. V. Wilkes,
> > which I will not sell at _any_ price (well, it's autographed, OK...).
> Wilkes name!?! Yow... I have a 2nd ed of that book (paid $9 for),

Well, there'd be little point in having it autographed by Martin Richards 
(BCPL chap), now would there :-)

Seriously, I bought it from a school library sale for (IIRC) 30p. I 
happend to attend a lecture by Professor Wilkes about 20 years ago, and I 
asked him if he'd autograph the book. He did.

> it's ex-library, somewhat ratty, it's a great book in many ways,

Yes, mine has got the libray stamps on the first couple of pages :-(

> and shows the pretty high level of software sophistication in
> 1950. (runtime linking loaders). 1st ed's now got for $1500!

Mine just says '1st printing 1956'.


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