Unix on old-ish machines - advice sought

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Fri Apr 8 00:37:14 CDT 2005

At 7:53 PM -0500 4/7/05, Scott Stevens wrote:
>And IPXs are almost free these days.  IPCs are not only 'free', they use
>give-away memory (30 pin 1, 4, or 16 MB simms).

Shoot, systems a lot better than those are free or almost free.  I 
got my Sun Ultra 60/2300 basically for free from a friend.  Take a 
look on eBay and see what low-end Sun Ultra systems, or a SGI system 
goes for these days!  A sizable portion of these systems price is the 
shipping.  Either a Sun or SGI dual CPU system with a decent amount 
of RAM and a good framebuffer makes a *very* nice system (though I 
only have a single CPU SGI O2).  Even a bottom-end SGI O2 180Mhz 
R5000 (the model with no CPU cache to speak of) is amazingly 
responsive under a *heavy* load.  While I *really* like SGI systems, 
I'd have to recommend a similarly configured Sun system.

I'm guessing older IBM RS/6000's and HP PA-RISC systems are available 
dirt cheap as well, I've not looked into either, as I'm not 
interested in collecting Unix systems.

Where you might end up paying some serious money is on specific 
options (especially SCSI adapters faster than UW-SCSI, or Gigabit 
Ethernet).  Also in the case of SGI systems, OS Kit's cost a serious 
amount (I tend to suspect the same is true for IBM and HP systems).


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