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Heinz Wolter h.wolter at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 8 11:48:18 CDT 2005

not at all! I used to do this when potting military aircraft power
we used a two part resin, and a bell jar/pump to cycle vacuum half a dozen
times - to get the bubble out from the aggressive mixing. not sure how
much suck you'll get out of  'seal a meal'  though. it would be more
to do at least a dozen or so at a time, before it became too time/labour
I recall we had to be very careful on how fast to pump down.. otherwise the
casting resin would fizz up like a shaken pop bottle. Not sure how the soft
flexible moulds would handle the vacuum either - if they had bubbles...
the best way to go would be to machine up a steel die, but that costs real

Jay West wrote:
> Ok, total neophyte input here on my part. But most of the techniques I've
> seen involve doing the casting inside a small dixie cup. If the problem is
> air bubbles, what about using a common (at least back in the 70's) device
> that many people still have in their kitchens... a "seal-a-meal". Mine has
> vacuum attachment, to suck the air out of the container. So what about
> putting the cast inside a mason jar, to which you've hooked up the
> seal-a-meal (or maybe the backend of an aquarium pump) to suck out all the
> air and let the cast set in a vacuum?
> Maybe a nutball idea, as I haven't a clue about this stuff. Just a
> Jay

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