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woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Fri Apr 8 13:05:24 CDT 2005

Dwight K. Elvey wrote:

>Hi Vince
> Can you get your hands on a vacuum pump. If you pour the
>stuff in a vacuum and then release it to air, you shouldn't
>have any bubbles. What material are you using for the
>plastic. Some of these things can handle a vacuum while
>others can't. Even using a hand pump made from a bicycle
>pump can do wonders at removing bubbles.
> How about a list of the materials you use for molds,
>colors and plastic?
I guess you have two kinds of bubbles  1) Trapped air  2) Voids in the 
I vacumm pump may be $$, but a reversed air compressior pump or other hacked
pump may work since I don't think you need a strong vacumm.
Ben alias woodelf

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