battery desoldering advice

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at
Fri Apr 8 13:50:20 CDT 2005

>From: "Jay West" <jwest at>
>I need to replace the battery in an item I have. It's the quartersized/style 
>one. The way it is attached to the board, is via a clip arrangement that 
>you'd swear makes the battery removable. However, it is in fact soldered or 
>spot welded into the clip somehow. As a result, I'd rather not just cut the 
>clip arms to replace the battery as I'd have trouble getting the new one in.
>The only possibility I see is unsoldering the clip from the battery, but it 
>strikes me as a rather bad idea to put a soldering iron to a battery. 
>Jay West

Hi Jay
 If the clip is attached to the cell, it is most likely
spot welded. It is difficult to actually solder directly
to a cell without damaging the seal on the cell.
I usually causes excess pressure in the cell bursting
the seal. If you can't find a cell with solder tabs,
take it to one of those battery stores that are around.
We have a chain out here called Batteries Plus. You may
have to talk nice to the fellow their to get them to
do the job for you but they have the spot welder to
do the job.

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