Oscilloscope question

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Fri Apr 8 14:06:10 CDT 2005

Ashley wrote:
> What kind of scope would I need and how much does one cost?

Assuming that you want something good but cheap, your best bet is
probably to try to find an old Tek 465.  It's a good, solid two-channel
100 MHz scope.  ISTR that they show up on eBay frequently, but as
with anything on eBay, there's no telling what condition it would
really be in.

Ideally you'd get one with probes, as new scope probes are somewhat

Note that you need a scope that has a rated bandwidth substantially
faster than fastest digital signals you expect to probe.  For instance,
with a 100 MHz scope you're not actually going to get very good results
probing a 50 MHz square wave.  But 100 MHz bandwidth should be sufficient
for anything you'll find it most PDP-11 CPUs.


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