Oscilloscope question

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 8 17:48:00 CDT 2005

> My everyday bench scope is a B&K 20mhz dual trace as it's fairly 
> small and warms up fast.  I have no hesitation to use it for logic
> in the 20+ mhz range, however I understand how it behaves and 

I will agree with that. I believe in testing 'new' instruments by seeing 
how they (mis)behave when pushed sensibly beyond their specifications. 
Obviously if the spec says 'maximum voltage 10V', you don't apply mains 
to it. But I do like to see what a 'scope -- particularly a digitising 
'scope -- does to signals beyond its speciifed bandwidth. It's going to 
happen one day, and I don't want ot get confused.

> what I'm seeing as a result. If I realy need to see more I have
> "big guns" for for the task but rarely use them.  I do more with a
> VOM and cheap logic probe before I resort to scopes and logic 
> analysers.

I rarely use a 'scope either. About the only times I need it are for 
sorting out SMPSU and for aligning disk heads.

For a long time I used an analogur VOM and a logic probe. I did a lot of 
work with those, and still could. Now I tend to use the Fluke DVM I 
picked up cheap (but I keep the analogue one to hand, it's better for 
some jobs) and the LogicDart.


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