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> Solartrond DVM manuals (and the manual for the DTU [1]) contain 
> schematics, or at least the oens I have do.

Not this one. From what I can tell, there's an Operation Manual (P/N
71500024) and a Maintenance Manual (P/N 71500026 or 7150026 depending on
which part of the manual you read), which is listed as an "Optional
Accessory" in my ops manual.
On the plus side, the ops manual does include the calibration instructions.
I don't have a copy of the calibration overlay for the keypad, but there's a
1:1 copy of it in the manual anyway. The calibration jackplug is a
bog-standard 2.5mm mono minijack that's had the tip line wired to the barrel
(i.e. dead short).

> That was quite common at one time. DEC PDP11 and PDP8 manuals often 
> included ROM dumps, flowcharts, state diagrams, and so on. These machines 
> wre _documented_

Seems the late 70s/early 80s was the timeframe when this was common. I've got
a 1992 HP 1651B service manual and it's just a boardswapping guide. Not even
any parts lists for the individual PCBs - just a list of boards and how to
remove them. There's not even any info on calibrating the acquisition
timebase (I suspect it's calibration-free - a crystal oscillator or
My Tek 466 manual (circa 1986) covers everything - schematics, waveforms,
calibration, parts lists for every individual part on every PCB, microcode,
performance checks...

"Scopes from Tek, spectrum analysers and logic analysers from HP, multimeters
from Fluke"

Not sure about bench PSUs, I tend to build those myself, but I've got a
Farnell Instruments L30/BT here (my 5A DIY PSU went bang - cheap components
never last very long).

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