Oscilloscope question

Witchy witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk
Sat Apr 9 18:33:12 CDT 2005

>> Ah, but the 466 manual has pull-out schematics and parts lists for every
>> single major module (basically every single PCB). I try and avoid recent
>> hardware due to the lack of schematics and service data, although the
>> same
>> applies (to a lesser degree) to older equipment. I'm after a maintenance
>> manual for a Solartron 7150 - I've got the operator's manual but I want
>> the

Before I say anything else, this isn't a personal attack on anyone, just a
semantics thing.

I'm not wishing to sound bitter or anything, but when I asked an identical
question about scopes last year I didn't get the same level of replies
that this question is getting so I floundered for ages. The same people
are around now that were around then so was it the way I phrased the
question or typed the subject line?

Just thoughts...

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