Must-have PDP-11 accessory on eBay -- VINTAGE BUS GRANTOSAURUSREX

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Sun Apr 10 13:48:15 CDT 2005

On Apr 7, 2005 2:49 PM, Edward <edward at> wrote:
> Actually not. I had 3 of them (did give 2 away to friends). They are original
> DEC issued ones. It may have been a marketing joke of some sort.

Those were not made by DEC, as I narrated in length in a previous
post, but by my former employer, Software Results Corp.  Somewhere, I
have the original artwork.  The presense of "SRC" on the copper legend
and the absence of any Digital logos or copyrights is consistent with
its history.

They were produced around 1980-1981, when SRC produced their first
non-DEC-based product, the COMBOARD(R)-1, a 68000-based bisync engine
for Unibus.  It replaced a chassis of DEC cards like a KDJ11, DPV11,
MSV11... with a single board.  The grant card was needed because at
the time, we could not get dual-height grant cards with NPR grant from

These days, I happen to have a *lot* more COMBOARDs than grant cards. 
I keep thinking I should find a way to hack them into SCSI or IDE
interfaces.  They wouldn't be MSCP, so drivers would be required (they
do not conform to DEC's register pattern, so it would be really
difficult to make one appear to be another, known, controller).  With
all of the Classic distractions around me, I never seem to have any
time for such a project.


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