rsts pip tape

joe heck trash3 at
Sun Apr 10 14:51:21 CDT 2005

    If it is in DOS-11 format, I can read it on my vax, if it is 1600 or 
6250 BPI.  The vax will read ansi tapes in native mode, and with 
EXCHANGE, it iwill read DOS-11  tapes.  Also, I've found out, I can at 
least read it in using BIGTPC and sometimes
get a directory once it is on disk.

Joe Heck

Brad Parker wrote:

>I made an image of an old tape I have (I think it has a copy of the
>whitesmith's C compiler on it).
>I'm not sure how it was made, however.  I think it is just done with
>PIP.  It has a lot of tape marks separated by a variable number of
>The first record of each tape 'file' is 14 bytes.  All records after
>that are 512 bytes.  The 512 byte records are clearly the file contents.
>After the file contents there is a tape mark.
>I'm guessing the 14 bytes is radix-50 file name + info.
>What's the best way to make sense of this from unix? (short of running
>RSTS on an emulator).  Is there a unix/dos program which which can
>interpret the data?
>Will PUTR be able to read and show a directory if I turn the simh format
>file into a byte stream?  (wish putr could read simh style tape images)

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