Today's TRS-80 haul

Mike dogas at
Mon Apr 11 22:09:45 CDT 2005

> I'm glad you saved them. I can't imagine there are too many around. I
> have a Model 12 that has been "officially" upgraded to a Model 16B. Its
> an interesting mix - Model 12 look, Model 16B workings. Last I checked
> it wouldn't boot so that's a job for a rainy day on the bench.

I drove from Jacksonville, Fl to Chicago, IL a few years agi for a
station-wagon full of 6000, 16, and 16b systems, 8 in all, with one odd one
if I recall, and some xenix and other software too. There was one
beautifully complete 6000 with xenix, internal and external HDs.   I've
peddled a few of them including that one, and I know some need work, or
could provide some needed parts if anyone's really stuck or can pick up
personally or by proxy..  No extra keyboards though, two were borrowed and
haven't returned yet....

 I have one model 12, and a II or two (my main love on the big TRS80
side)...Hmmm, also got a few big boxes of those big brown 8" software
manuals awaitng adpotion or tradeout.somehow...

- Mike: dogas at

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