Old Chip Info?

Bert Thomas bert at brothom.nl
Tue Apr 12 04:30:27 CDT 2005

Rick Bensene wrote:
> Anyone out there have any old TI databooks that they might find this
> old device in?  The date codes on all of the parts in the machine
> range from 7132 to 7144, so it's all mid-to-late '71 timeframe for
> manufacture,
> if that helps.  According to one reference I found, the chip was introduced
> in 1970.

I'm not sure if I can help, but I have access to some TI databooks from 
late '70s, early '80s. I did have a look and they did not mention your 
chip. However, perhaps its helpfull to have the pinout of similar chips, 
as they might have identical pinouts.


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