For The PDP-8 Folks

David Gesswein djg at
Tue Apr 12 12:31:22 CDT 2005

>> AX08... the closeup looks like Negibus notation.  Can't tell much more
>> than that from the limited pictures.
>I've been curious about the AX08; maybe someone will buy it and scan it.
>The price is down in the impulse buy range, so there is hope for the auction

I have a bid in and I will be scanning it and putting it on my site if I win.
Since I have an AX08 with a fault in it I would really like to win it.  I
had gotten a copy of the manual which is on my site but the schematics were
copied folded so were unuseable.  I was unable to get a good copy of them.
I got the point plot working but not the A/D.

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