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Tue Apr 12 20:32:17 CDT 2005

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Randy McLaughlin wrote:

> I have an incomplete UCSD pascal disk set.
> Don had it listed on the DynaSig archive.
> Does anyone know if Don's Archive was saved or does anyone else have a UCSD
> Adaptable disk set for the 8080/Z80 (either CP/M or full Adaptable).
> I am also looking for other p-system disks.  I either have or have access
> to:
> PC/MS-DOS Hosted
> NorthStar
> 6502 Adaptable
> Osborne-II
> TI-99/4A
> Partial CP/M Adaptable

I have the p-System for the PDP 11.  I also have some other versions that
I don't think are on your list.  E-mail me and I'll make some copies for


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