Apollo 340 machines (Manchester uni, UK)

Rob O'Donnell classiccmp.org at irrelevant.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Apr 13 03:15:17 CDT 2005

At 12:36 12/04/2005, Jules Richardson wrote:

>Chap at Manchester uni has three Apollo 340 machines (plus assorted
>spares by the sounds of it) which are heading to the skip today. I've
>been trying to save these for a couple of weeks but it's just too far
>away for anyone at the museum to make a dedicated trip to collect them,
>and none of our people get up to that part of the country very often.
>Maybe someone local can rescue them instead (or even can hold them on
>our behalf for a bit!)
>Shout if so anyway and I can give you contact details - maybe they can
>be held in a room somewhere for a few days if someone's definitely
>coming to pick them up.
>These are early Apollos so it'd be nice to save at least one (earliest
>ones we have are DN3500 and DN3000 machines)

I'm in Manchester (ok, Salford, but close enough!)  and if you are really 
desperate could pick them up and hold them for you in the next day or so 
(not today unfortunately).  I can also only do this for a short time 
though, as I've no storage space and they will have to sit in the dining 
room .. er. ... how big are they?


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