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Wed Apr 13 04:13:36 CDT 2005

On 4/13/05, Cameron Kaiser <spectre at> wrote:
> > Or, did I miss the definitive eBay rocks/sucks position statement?  If
> > it sucks, does that mean I'm a horrid person for using it and liking it?
> Yes. ;)
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I agree, I use it quite often. There are still some bargins in there.
I pretty much got all my vaxen from ebay and still paid reasnable
prices for it. I got a 4000-500 for £30. I also got that disk pack for
it with 14 drives in it for 99p.But a while back there was a 4000-500
that went for £170 with £50 shipping. So it think it's more luck.
I've also noticed with the conversion rate it can be cheaper to buy
from Europe. I needed a power supply for a 4000/90, I ended up buying
a 3 3100's, a 4000/90 and a 4000/60 for £50 shipped from Germany all
with mice and keyboards.
Also ii've made some contacts with dealers that i've bought from. The
seller I bought the disks packs from emailed a couple of weeks ago
saying "You don't know anyone that would be interested in a Cray. It's
a bit specialist I don't think it would get much on ebay" ;)


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