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Wed Apr 13 10:47:24 CDT 2005

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Bill Sudbrink wrote:

> Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > OSI stuff seemed to be the hardest thing to get a hold of for me, but
> > eventually I started to get them.  I now have about 5-6 OSI systems of
> > various models, including an unbuilt Superboard kit ;)
> Damn!  The one place I thought I had one up on you...

Well, you do have that extremely rare OSI single-board (what model was
that again?)   I did consider clubbing you in the back of the head and
running off with it at VCF East but there would've been too many

> OK Sellam, come clean.  What have you managed to acquire?

>From what I can see and not see but remember having:

Challenger 2P
Challenger 1
Challenger C4P
Superboard kit (unbuilt)

And I think one other I'm forgetting.


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