Appraisals, value, the "Market" was Re: And $500 gets you...

vrs vrs at
Wed Apr 13 15:35:46 CDT 2005

> I think the myopia you're accusing me of having is affecting you.  When I
> say The Market I mean the pool of sales that occurs on a global basis.
> I'm not talking about one particular geographic region or any one spot on
> the Internet.  The Market, by definition, is a conglomeration of all sales
> happening at all times in all places.

It is clear that the world looks different from our various perspectives.  I
mostly agree with your definition of "the market", but would exclude private
sales, since by their nature they make price competition difficult (at

> I can't say that I have access to "all sales happening at all times in all
> places", but I also don't just rely on one particular venue and call that
> "The Market".  That's just wrong and invalid.

Agreed, unless the venue truly dwarfs the others under consideration.
(Which, from my limited perspective, eBay does, and by far.)


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