ID-100 (Was: GW-Basic)

Jerome H. Fine jhfinexgs2 at
Wed Apr 13 18:42:26 CDT 2005

 >John Foust wrote:

>Dr. Whitten also added in a follow-up:
>"I also know something about Intecolor 8001 and Compucolor II machines
>because I was Director of Software for ISC from 1978-1979.  I bought an
>ISC 8001 in Jan 77 and worked for them as a consultant in 77 and 78."
Jerome Fine replies:

The mention of early colour displays reminded me.

I realize that this is a VERY long shot, but I wonder
if anyone knows anything about a (VT100 looking - on
the outside) colour terminal made by ID Systems Corporation
in Hilliard, Ohio called an ID-100V.  The shell is
obviously from a VT100, as is the keyboard, but inside
it is about twice as heavy.

I acquired it at least 10 years ago and turned it on to
see if it worked at all.  The SET UP key showed an "A/B"
dialogue with some of the characters displayed in colour
which confirmed it was a colour terminal.  BUT I never
had the time to check any further.

Does anyone know if any documentation is available?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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