Oscilloscope question

Tom Jennings tomj at wps.com
Thu Apr 14 12:21:48 CDT 2005

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Dave Brown wrote:

> Tee Tek 500 series scopes certainly don't suffer from electromechanical 
> issues. (one exception- fan motor bearings-but easily fixed)  Most owners 
> will die before the scope does - possibly from a hernia or heart attack 
> bought on from heaving those large weighty beasts around!  I still have a 
> 545B and a 585 -plus a fleet of plugins. Excellent scopes.

I agree on all counts :-) My 564 (storage scope, with a bloomy
tube, but I use it only as a PostScript display (sic)
still lives on. THe switches are full-sized; the newer scopes are
very compact.

It's not a quality issue per se; everything eventually dies.
465's et al are very well built, but get heavily used, and have
far more complex switching needs than the 5xx scopes; huge strings
of tiny wafers. Cabinet is smaller and hotter. Lighter weight
materials -- you get to carry a 465 around without a kidney belt
or physical therapy.  The price paid is that parts aren't 5X
overkill oversized.

I've got a TDS-2012 (or something like that) it's just great.
Center trigger display, tunable everything. It's NOT a 465, it's a
different beast. It iwll generate funny artifacts if you don't
know what it's doing (dot vs. vector, 1X vs 16X ingtegrate, etc)
but the analog scopes have their equivelant oddities -- you just
get used to each.

I love my Nova, old CP/M machine, and LGP-21, but I type this on a
battery powered, wireless laptop.

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