Searching: Info about Racal-Redac Monarch

Gerold Pauler gerold.pauler at
Sat Apr 16 15:33:56 CDT 2005

Peter C. Wallace wrote:

> On Sat, 16 Apr 2005, Gerold Pauler wrote:
>> Part of my last haul of pdp8/e equipment (more about this will follow 
>> when pictures are online)
>> are 20 to 30 8" floppies labeled "Racal-Redac Monarch  System Disks", 
>> etc.
>> A quick google showed nothing relevant. Any info about this would be 
>> appreciated.
>> Thanks
>>    Gerold
> Dont know about Monarch, but Racal Redac had one of the early PCB CAD 
> systems
> though I thought they ran on PDP11's
> Peter Wallace 

It seems reasonable, cause along with them and the forty something pdp8 
floppies I also got over
50 pdp11 floppies. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with pdp11s 
but this could be a starting point.
Also got a few dozend handbooks (most of them for various pdp11s).  So 
enough to read in days to come.

Just started archiving the pdp8 floppies, will dig my way through and 
see if I also can read the
pdp11 and/or the Racal-Redac floppies.

Thanks for the hint

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