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David Comley david_comley at
Sun Apr 17 07:46:22 CDT 2005

It did seem to be mostly PC stuff and rackmount
servers, neither of which interest me particularly. I
was there from about 11.00am onwards. However there
were some other bits and pieces buried in amongst the
new stuff.

Was it me or was there a really *bad* smell in the air
? Anyway in spite of the smell I came away with quite
a bit of gear. I have questions on these items which I
will post separately.

DEC Professional 350 – no monitor or keyboard. When I
inspected the unit at home I noticed the screws from
the PSU cover are missing so I hope that doesn’t mean
someone has been interfering with it. The unit is
otherwise complete and appears to contain an RD51
drive (10MB) and the monochrome graphics option. I
haven't tried powering it up yet - the missing screws
on the PSU cover bother me enough that I want to poke
around at it first before applying power.

HP-9134A 5MB disc unit. These things are ancient. I
have been looking for something like this to replace
my HP7908 which is still languishing in the corner
with power supply problems.

Charles River Data Systems Universe/68 computer,
badged as a Datapoint system.  This is about the size
of a MicroPDP-11/73 (perhaps a little fatter). In
addition to the CRDS  Universe subrack, the chassis
houses a lot of terminal I/O ports and an 8” floppy
drive on the front. There’s a SASI interface connector
on the back for mass storage.

Zia Tech ZT 488 GPIB Analyzer. I have had a CS/80 disc
emulator project for Linux on my to-do list for some
time. Perhaps this will get me moving on it.

A couple of ½” tapes for my 9-track drive. Always

Books – a couple of National databooks from the mid
70’s; a 1970 System/360 JCL book; a book about
repairing music synthesizers and a Springer-Verlag
publication “Computer Architecture”, 1975.

I passed  on two Televideo 925 keyboards. I also
passed on what appeared to be an IC test system. It
had dozens of test cards corresponding to DTL/TTL
devices of yesteryear, and a test slot where you'd
presumably drop in the test chip. Looked like fine but
was rather large. I forget who the manufacturer was.



--- chris <cb at> wrote:
> I went to the Trenton Computer Fest today. I didn't
> get over to the MARCH 
> table, sorry. I did see John Allain however, but
> down the end of a row, 
> and by the time I got down there to say hi, I lost
> track of him.
> Back to the point. I picked up a pair of NeXT slabs
> for $2 each. I think 
> even Sellam would agree that is a good price ;-)
> One is a Turbo the other is a Color. No idea yet was
> is in them other 
> than visually, there is a floppy drive and a hard
> drive. I've never 
> played with a NeXT, and at that price, I wasn't
> going to ask many 
> questions.
> The Turbo has a DA-15 connector that looks like a
> Mac RGB connector. Is 
> it compatible with Mac monitors? The Color has a
> connector that I don't 
> know what it is called, but looks like a Sun monitor
> connector. Is it 
> compatible with those monitors? I'm crossing my
> fingers for a yes on both 
> counts since I have both available to me already.
> And to verify, the keyboard/mouse uses ADB correct?
> These slabs were just 
> the computer, nothing else. (although I did find a
> guy that had a NeXT 
> mouse, but he was holding it to sell with his MacTV
> and wouldn't part 
> with it. I considered getting the MacTV, but since I
> got one from John a 
> while back, I decided against spending the $50 since
> it didn't have any 
> docs, software, cables, keyboard, remote, or the
> correct mouse).
> The only other thing I picked up that might be of
> interest to this group 
> is some kind of video conferencing terminal. I don't
> know anything about 
> it at all yet, I wasn't actually interested in it,
> but the guy said if I 
> took it away right then, I could have it for free,
> so I took it simply 
> because it looked cool.
> Over all, I was a little disappointed this year in
> the items available. 
> It is only the 2nd time I've gone, the first was two
> years ago, and I 
> remembered there being far more vendors with a
> better selection. This 
> year was a bunch of so-so priced used PCs, TONS of
> old laptops, and some 
> over priced used Macs. I was surprised I couldn't
> find a decent deal on a 
> rack mount PC server, or much in the way of RJ-45
> patch panels (I needed 
> two 72 port ones, I was able to find two 48 port
> ones at an ok price, and 
> that was about it). Its possible that some of the
> vendors just weren't 
> there yet or fully unpacked, I was there from about
> 10 am to 12:30. I 
> also didn't go indoors anywhere, so I may have
> missed a bunch of other 
> dealers (I had limited time today as I had to be
> back home by 2, and it 
> takes about 1.5 hours on the drive).
> Anyone else get anything of interest? Oh, and Hi
> John, since I didn't get 
> to say it to you today. :-)
> -chris
> <>

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