SCSI CD drive capable of reading CD-R

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> There's nothing special about the drive mechanism for SCSI CD reading
> devices by the way (compared to say IDE) - I've never known one that
> *won't* read CD-Rs, but just like IDE and laptop drives, it depends a
> lot on the quality of the CD-R media used in the first place.

I've had the same experience. IME Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim DatalifePlus CDRs
are about the best. I've never had a Verbatim CDR misread in any CD-ROM.
Watch out though - the "Datalife" CDRs are cheap crap - rebranded CMC
Magnetics floor-scrapings. The DatalifePlus discs are made by Mitsubishi
Chemical (or one of their subcontractors) and tend to be far more reliable.
I've just ordered 100 of them from "I liked them so much, I
bought a crate full"

Of course, now I've said that, someone's probably going to say something
along the lines of "I bought 2,000 and they were ALL faulty"...

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