SCSI CD drive capable of reading CD-R

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> Floor scrapings are the only kind CMC Magnetics makes.

Amen to that. I had one a CMCMag disc delaminate inside a rather expensive CD
recorder. Thankfully they didn't
I did call the company I bought the discs from to request a refund - they
refused on the grounds that it was more than 7 days since I bought the discs.
Mentioning the Sale of Goods Act only resulted in the sales rep hanging up on
me. I gave up and used the discs as coasters - it's about all they're good

> TDK CD-Rs used
> to be Taiyo-Yuden, which is the best. 

I'm viciously protective of my "secret stash" of T-Y CDRs. I've got half a
dozen left and I still haven't found anywhere that sells them in spindle
packs (or jewel cased for that matter). SVP have got packs of 100
shrink-wrapped for a bit over £20, but past experience with shrinkwrapped CDs
suggests they're going to be scratched to hell by the time I get them open.

My first pack of CDRs (after the CMCs) was a pack of TDK Reflex discs (ATIP
checked as "TDK Corp"). They were damn near perfect - even now, four years
on, there aren't any data errors on them.
Then I bought a pack of ten and ended up with CMCs...

> I can only guess that some bean counter at TDK
> refused to pay for T-Y when CMCM is so much cheaper.  Possibly TDK has
> switched to something else by now, but I'll never find out first-hand.

Same here. They still make their own DVD-RWs (Media ID on mine was
"TDKsakuM3") but they outsource CDR manufacture to CMC. I've been buying the
Verbatim DLPs for ages and never had a bad burn. They also seem to take
Pressit labels quite well (certainly better than the TDKs).

No, I don't use Pressit labels on my backup CDs - I've got a water-based CD
marker to label those.

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