SCSI CD drive capable of reading CD-R

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> Phil wrote:
>> Watch out though - the "Datalife" CDRs are cheap crap - rebranded 
>> CMC
>> Magnetics floor-scrapings.
> Floor scrapings are the only kind CMC Magnetics makes.  TDK CD-Rs 
> used
> to be Taiyo-Yuden, which is the best.  I routinely bought them at 
> Costco.
> One day I had a spindle of which nearly 50% of the discs were bad, 
> and
> checking the ATIP data, they were CMC Magnetics.  I've never bought
> TDK CD-R media since.  I can only guess that some bean counter at 
> refused to pay for T-Y when CMCM is so much cheaper.  Possibly TDK 
> has
> switched to something else by now, but I'll never find out 
> first-hand.
> Eric

So just how reilable/accurate IS the ATIP data?
This guy thinks it's rubbish.

DaveB, NZ 

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