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Mon Apr 18 22:51:14 CDT 2005

On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, Randy McLaughlin wrote:

> Give Willy boy his due.

For...what?  Diluting the software market into medocrity at best?

> Just be glad he is the leader of most everything computer related and not
> Air traffic!
> Having most peoples computers crash is a bother but you get to walk away!

Or you get to lose hours, days, perhaps weeks of work, not to mention your
productivity, quite possibly your sanity.

> Just imagine flying across the country and in mid flight having to shut
> everything down and re-booting or even worse having to reload the airplane
> in mid flight.

It's not for wont of trying.  If Bill got his way his software would be
everywhere controlling everything.

I just realized: I got trolled! ARGH!


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